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Somewhere in between her and herself

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#20factsaboutme tagged by: @givwilson and @lee_azalia

I’ll try 😊 So, here we go:
1. I’m not as extrovert as you think I am
2. I have such a complicated random mind that’s just too interesting to make me keep thinking—even too much
3. Most of my friends are boys
4. After I moved to Bandung it only took 2 weeks for me to realize that I want to stay in Bandung
5. I do have faith in Jesus Christ, so yeah, I’m a christian and my religion called Catholic Rome
6. I feel that in my life I’m surrounded by anything related with Mother Mary (it’s reasonable, just too much to tell here)
7. I think in my past life I lived in France—somehow
8. Spiritual consciousness is something that I want to achieve
9. I feel so special that if a person ask me thing that make me happy I’ll answer it with “myself”
10. I love questions
11. Once a person become my friend, that peson will forever be my friend
12. I never regret the past
13. I live with value and principle
14. Honesty is one of the most important thing for me
15. I am a proud S
16. I have many lovely penpals from many different countries and always interested in knowing their culture, yet I freaking love my country Indonesia
17. I want to do yoga
18. I love philosophy
19. It isn’t like I want to judge people but I automatically compare them with what their zodiac, shio, blood type, etc say about them
20. My world is a dynamic one, not the static one

Well that’s it 😉※
I’m pretty sure that I can write an endless fact about myself but now is ur turn dear people I tag! Whoop whoop~

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